About Foundation

Who We Are

Foundation is a Friday night Bible Study associated with Crossroads, the college and career ministry of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. We meet on Fridays at 7:30 PM in the basement of the Tower building, the only three-story building on our campus at 13248 Roscoe Boulevard, Sun Valley, CA 91352. Our formal program typically ends at 9:30 PM, although people often stay and fellowship with each other over snacks and dessert for hours after that. If you have any questions or desire more information, you can contact anyone on our leadership team.



We attend a big church and a big fellowship group. We live in a big city alongside many people who have moved here in recent years, away from their own families. And as we grow older, perhaps graduate from school, and begin new careers and relationships, we often move toward a stage in our lives when, rightly or wrongly, familial input tends to decrease. For those who lack godly family ties here in Los Angeles, we know from Scripture that the church is described in numerous places in terms of family, and our desire here at Foundation is to highlight and emphasize that dynamic. Our earnest desire is to foster a safe, comfortable, informal, loving atmosphere where Christians can practice the one anothers and use their spiritual gifts and other talents for the glory of God. One passage that illustrates this cornerstone is Acts 2:42-47.


The one thing that believers are called to do which we will be unable to do in Heaven is to evangelize, to go forth and make disciples, to spread the Gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth. Everything else we're called to do, we'll do better in Heaven, whether it's pray, worship or serve. One implication of this is an elevation of evangelism as a matter of critical importance, which is confirmed numerous places in Scripture. Our intention here at Foundation is to heed that evangelistic call, whether it's through leading and serving on short-term missions trips, missionary "adoption" for prayer and support, contributing financially as zealous "senders" of missionaries, street evangelism, and ultimately by living a lifestyle of purposeful and intentional evangelism every day. One passage that illustrates this cornerstone is 2 Corinthians 5:18-21.


Scripture speaks about how preaching and teaching of the Word of God is a key way for Christians to learn and grow. We receive that preaching and teaching with world-class excellence on Sunday mornings and evenings at Grace Community Church. Another way for learning and growing, however, is discipleship. We read about older men discipling and teaching younger men, and older women discipling and teaching younger women, and we also see this concept modeled in Scripture by godly people in numerous places. Given the tremendous blessings we already receive in terms of the preaching and teaching of the Word of God on Sundays, Foundation strives to highlight men's and women's events for the purpose of discipleship. One passage that illustrates this cornerstone is Titus 2:1-8.


Our ultimate "foundation" for all three cornerstones is and will always be JESUS CHRIST, who is the church's one true Foundation. And overarching all three cornerstones is the concept of small groups, which are critical vehicles that promote each of our cornerstones of Family, Evangelism and Disciplehip. As we move forward, the leadership team's hope is that by featuring and emphasizing these three cornerstones, you will be helped to develop and grow in your love and knowledge of our Savior.